Tuesday, January 03, 2006

My first post! (or, Why am I doing this?)

After months of wavering (a fatal character flaw of mine), I've decided to make the daunting leap from a reader of blogs to a blog writer. The teaming, buzzing blogosphere demands active participation. Whether or not anyone else cares about my thoughts remains to be seen, but the very act of writing will probably prove useful, regardless of popularity.

The subject matter of this blog will likely trend towards the theological, since these issues interest me the most. More specifically, the emphasis will be on Lutheran theology, not out of loyalty to a specific denomination or confession, but because Luther's "theology of the cross" is, for me, the only viable approach to question of God and man. Hopefully this focus will not be too narrow.

A note about the blog's name: Besides the (somewhat pretentious) Kierkegaard reference, it serves to emphasize that no one should take my ramblings too seriously, least of all me. I am not a professor, pastor, or seminarian, and I have very little formal training in theology or philosophy. Thus I am speaking on behalf of nobody but myself, and everything written here is open to revision or retraction. After all, faith is "faith" and not "sight", and thus "without authority" is meant to stress the humility that should accompany all theological discussions.

Enough of this! Let the fun begin!

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