Sunday, January 22, 2006

Let the Cheese Curd Debate Begin!

Being a Wisconsinite to the core, I've always had a passion for cheese curds. While the "squeaky" plain curds are mighty tasty (especially at the Farmer's Market in Madison), I'm partial to the deep-fried variety found in bars throughout the Badger State. This love goes way back to my childhood days in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where I often sampled the exquisite cheese curds available at the Camaraderie Bar (which has since burned down, sadly). A couple of close high-school friends of mine also shared this passion, and we always planned on taking a grand Cheese Curd Tour of Wisconsin. This would involve sampling the curds at various bars and restaurants, and then writing a guide book afterwards that would rate the curds and also provide some local color.

Alas, it never came to be (which was probably the best for our cardiovascular systems). But after eating some excellent cheese curds yesterday, it occurred to me that this blog could serve as the guidebook that never was! Thus, starting today, I will provide brief reviews of any and all cheese curds that I come across, and I encourage others to write-in with their cheese curd memories. Here's my first submission:

The Glarner Stube (New Glarus, WI): Glarner Stube translated into English means "Living Room of New Glarus", and this restaurant/bar certainly captures the Swiss spirit of the town. It has a cozy dining room and a graceful wooden bar. Most importantly, the cheese curds are tremendous; indeed, the best that I've had in all of South-central Wisconsin. Lightly coated with a beer batter, and filled with golden cheddar cheese, these curds practically dissolve in your mouth. I savored each one, and I'll definitely be back to this little Swiss hamlet for some more. Grade: A

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