Monday, August 21, 2006

Summer is a Bad Time for Blogging

Wow!! It's been over a month since my last post. However, I have a few good excuses for my lack of blogging. Firstly, my wife and I recently moved from Madison to Minneapolis and, secondly, I have started a new job at the University of Minnesota (that's right, we're living in Gopher country now. But, rest assured, my Badger allegiance will never die!). Needless to say, our lives have been quite hectic lately. Moreover, the summer weather makes it hard to stay indoors, especially when you know that a harsh Minnesota winter is a few months away. So blogging simply hasn't been a high priority.

However, I plan to get back in the game. The challenge will be to develop a new routine that allows time for writing. Unfortunately, I have a considerably longer commute here in the Cities, and my new work situation provides fewer opportunities to "blog on the job" (i.e., it's harder to waste time). But I enjoy blogging too much to let these obstacles get in the way.

I was also thinking of using this disruption to transfer W/O Authority to a different hosting service, as I've never been very happy with Blogger. Does anyone have a recommendation?


D.W. Congdon said...

I look forward to your future posts, whether they are on this site or another one. Also, you're welcome to post your thoughts on Jüngel at any time over at the Jüngel forum.

I've heard good things about Typepad, but you have to pay a yearly fee. You might consider, should you feel like investing the energy, just buying a domain name and then using Wordpad to update it.

P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Welcome to the state of God's country from another Wisconsin transplant. I've grown to love Minnesota because it isn't so orderly as Wisconsin.

Thomas Adams said...

P.S. -- Thanks for your kind welcome to Minnesota. I'm starting to feel at home here, although I keep forgetting that we can't buy beer on Sundays. By the way, what do mean that Wisconsin is more orderly? I have just the opposite impression. Minnesotans seem more up-tight to me (hence the restrictive liquor laws).

Clint said...

We're transplants the other way, and I tend to agree with Thomas. Minnesotans are more uptype nice, Wisconsinites a bit more Badger-like.

I happen to love both states.