Monday, April 10, 2006

Badger Supremacy

My sitemeter indicates that many of the visitors to this site come from Minnesota, which is perhaps not surprising given the Lutheran emphasis of my blog. And while I appreciate their patronage, I feel the need right now, as a Wisconsinite, to engage in some good-natured taunting. This is because the Wisconsin Badgers are now national champions in both men's and women's hockey - a feat that has never been accomplished before, not even by a school in hockey-obsessed Minnesota! So the title of "greatest hockey state in America" belongs right here in Wisconsin!! That's right, Gopher fans, the mecca of American hockey is not Minneapolis or Duluth, but Madison, Wisconsin. The crown has been passed - get used to it.

On an unrelated note, the Brewers are off to a terrific 5-1 start. Could this be the year? Should I even allow myself to think that this might be the year? I'm keeping my expectations low for the time being, but the team is definitely on the upswing.


Greg said...

Ouch! The sting! Make it stop! Congrats to the Badger women and men.

Inheritor of Heaven said...

For being "without authority" you surely pontificate (can I use that word on a Lutheran blog?) with great authority on the topic of Badger Hockey supremacy over Gopher Hockey(for one year anyway). A grudging one year concession of congratulations to Badger men and women (better there than Maine or Boston or Colorado).

Clint said...

You've got at least one reader from Wisconsin, Stoughton to be exact. What's a badger?

Gopher7 said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but Wisconsin isn't even in the discussion when it comes to the "mecca" of American Hockey.

While UW currently holds the two NCAA titles (Men's and Women's Hockey), the state of Wisconsin shouldn't boast that they produce anywhere near enough hockey talent to be proud of.

For instance, there are 27 Men's NCAA hockey players who are from Wisonsin playing today. The state with the most (MINNESOTA) has 217. Do the math genius. Most of your beloved Bagders aren't even from Wisonsin. I won't even get into Women's hockey, the margin is even greater.

That not enough. Take the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. If there ever was a US Hockey team to be proud of, that was it. How many players from Wisoconsin? And don't say Mark Johnson. He grew up in Minneapolis and moved to Madison only when his dad got the head coaching job. He has MN blood in him. But I'll give him to you. So that's 2 - Mark Johnson and Bob Suter. Great players yes. How about Minnesotans on that team? The answer is 12. Out of 20 Players on the roster, 12 were from Minnesota. Phil Verchota, Eric Strobel, Buzz Schneider, Mark Pavelich, Rob McClanahan, John Harrington, Steve Christoff, Neal Broten, Mike Ramsey, Dave Christian, Bill Baker, and Steve Janaszak.

So my friend, while you should be proud as a Badger hockey fan that the UW did so well last year in Hockey, you shouldn't run your mouth off and "taunt" people when you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Reality is, Wisconsin produces very little hockey talent and the Badgers wouldn't even have a D1 school if it wasn't for hockey tradition in states like Minnesota.

Thomas Adams said...

Dear Gopher7 -- Get a life. As the post makes clear, I was simply engaging in some "good-natured taunting" of my Minnesota visitors. I really don't care that much about hockey (in case you didn't notice, my blog is primarily dedicated to theological matters). But none of this stopped you from writing your ridiculously long comment, filled with dozens of facts that don't mean diddly to me. Please, you're taking yourself far too seriously.

I'll grant Minnesota the title of "greatest hockey state" in America. Too bad that's all the "Gopher Nation" has got going for them at the moment (by the way, great football hire! Tight-end coach for the Broncos - that will work out great, I'm sure). And how's the basketball team doing? Last I checked, Badgers were #3 in the nation, while the Gophers are struggling to score 20 points a half. Good thing Minnesota is producing all that D1 hockey talent - who wouldn't want to be a big-time star at Mankato State!!

Gopher7 said...

Thomas, there is no need to get worked up and start making personal attacks.

It's very hard to tell (not clear)you couldn't care less about hockey in your post. Nor did I feel your post was good natured.

"not even by a school in hockey-obsessed Minnesota! So the title of "greatest hockey state in America" belongs right here in Wisconsin!! That's right, Gopher fans, the mecca of American hockey is not Minneapolis or Duluth, but Madison, Wisconsin. The crown has been passed - get used to it."

If you care so little, then why brag about it?

I didn't mean my post to upset you, I just don't think your post was fair. I have no problem with a little good natured ribbing (I am a Minnesota fan living in Milwaukee so I am usd to it).

Your basketball team is doing great (I've watched a few games this year), and you should be excited that both Badger Hockey teams won titles last year (it is historical). In fact, historically, the Badgers have won more hockey championships than the Gophers have.

Poke a little fun at Gopher fans if you like, but leave it at that. When you start telling people that have loved hockey since they were kids that Wisconsin is the "mecca" of hockey, and that we need to "get used to it" (when you don't know what you are talking about), you're gonna get called on it.

Now, I am sure I took your post a little too seriously, but I did try and refrain from name calling and keep it good natured. If I failed at doing so, that is my fault and I apologize. I hope the UW Basketball team does well this year, they are pretty fun to watch.

Gopher7 said...

By the way, my cousin was a two-time captain of Mankato's hockey team. He's playing professionally in Europe and got a free finance degree to boot, so I think he could have done worse with his life. It's a good school.

Thomas Adams said...

Dear Gopher7 -- I agree with you that it's often difficult to gauge the tone of posts and comments. For instance, you thought my initial post was serious, when really it was just a playful attempt to "get a rise" out of my Minnesota visitors (it apparently worked well in your case). My claims were intentionally outrageous and boastful, as I was playing the role of the provocateur. At the time, I didn’t think that any my site's visitors, who are primarily interested in theology, would take it the wrong way and call me out.

Likewise, I viewed your first comment as a humorless attempt to correct my little joke with facts that I really don't care about. Lines like "do the math genius" and "you shouldn't run your mouth off" suggested to me that you were angry, and that you take Minnesota hockey very seriously. Thus, I shot back with an ill-tempered reply. I apologize. I'm especially sorry for taking a shot at Mankato State. You're right, it's a good school and their hockey team deserves respect.

So let's call a truce. I'll go on record saying that Minnesota is the hockey "mecca", while you concede Wisconsin's current supremacy in football and basketball. Do we have a deal?

Thomas Adams said...

One more point: It's interesting that you're a Gopher fan living in Wisconsin, while I'm a Badger fan living in Minnesota (although I was living in Madison when I wrote the original post). Perhaps residing in "hostile territory" has made us both overly defensive and irritable. :)

Gopher7 said...

Thomas, I agree 100%. It is very difficult to gauge the tone of posts. I apologize again for over reacting and for the comments you took as offensive.

We have a deal. Badger basketball and football are definately superior at this point. I also agree with your comment on the Gopher's football coach. What are they thinking? Now you see why we Gopher fans take hockey so seriously :)